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Styling Tricks To Make You Slimmer

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, and if that version is looking slim at all times, then so be it! They say a well put together outfit can totally boost your confidence ( with compliments along with a way for extra sauce ) and while we may all gravitate towards certain outfits or colours that make us appear more “slimmer “ there are many styling tricks to ensure no matter what you choose to wear, you can always be the best version of your self by appearing slimmer.  What Colors Make You Look Slimmer?  Invariably black or dark colours, because nothing slims your figure down as much as black does. Luckily, for most people, it is a favourite colour.  Also, try the monochrome look – it works. What Clothes Make You Tall And Slim? Wearing vertical stripes will make you look slim. A legacy that has been passed on by the fashion legends. Having said that, you do not have to shy away from horizontal designs as long as they are not body hugging. Small printed dresses, polka-dotted


Over time, I have noticed how people want to express their sense of style but are boxed because of various misconception and rules or simply because they do not know what to do. I have put together a few tips to help you express your style better because style is about what comes from Within you Monochrome : A common misconception is that monochrome dressing means wearing black and white (and sometimes grey). But it actually just means wearing separates of one colour. Any colour. Mono = one and chrome = colour, so, therefore, you can wear different shades of a single colour to create an overall tonal look. Mixing Textures: Combining different textures can make for a fabulous and interesting outfit as it lends an edgier look to your ensemble. one of the easiest ways to pull off a textured look is to combine two textures that are contrasting in nature, Layers are also a great way to showcase a textured look. Mixing Solids: Popularly known as Color blocking, The key is to find the right c

Entrepreneurial Development Tips

Establishing, managing and developing a business is a lot of hard work. Coupled with long hours, sacrifice, and a ton of stress, each day bears a new hurdle. Although there isn't a secret formula for success, there are common traits that successful entrepreneurs share. And when it comes to the unique business of fashion, these are what I've lived by and they have helped me on my entrepreneurial journey. Have a Vision Your vision defines who you are, what you want to do and where you want to go. Your vision cannot be vague. It needs to be developed, detailed and definite. Give all you have to what you want and Work hard, because This is your “why?” Your Passion!  This is the reason why you do what you do. The work will be hard, the hours will be long, and the pay will be low. To top it all off, there is no guarantee of success! But remain curious to create and through criticism - persist . Practice consistently. Ensure there is value in your offerings.


  Nothing says 'glamorous' like the little black dress(LBD) and of course, the little white dress(LWD)!  If you've been on the look out for feminine pieces that are timeless, effortless and have you looking the part at anytime, then you need either or both dresses. The Lbd and lwd are usually simply cut and fall between a mini and midi length. The lbd for one, has been a style dominating piece from as far back as Coco Chanel's designs in the 1920's. The lwd is a lighter option that has scored big on doing the same as the lbd. Both are elegant, easy to glam up and a total must-have for a working closet. They are a perfect direction to go when building up a capsule wardrobe. Still need convincing ? well, here are more reasons why you need the lbd/lwd: Variety Both dresses come in an array of beautifully cut patterns and styles that offer countless options for all body shapes and silhouettes.  From peplum and ruffles to round and sweetheart necklines, the variations on

Will you need a COVID-19 'vaccine passport' to travel? Here's what they are and how they might work

Airlines and others in the travel industry are throwing their support behind so-called vaccine passports to boost pandemic-depressed travel, and authorities in Europe could embrace the idea quickly enough for the peak summer vacation season. Technology companies and travel-related trade groups are developing and testing various versions of the vaccine passports, also called health certificates or travel passes. It is not clear, however, whether any of the passports under development will be accepted broadly around the world, and the result could be confusion among travelers and disappointment for the travel industry. Here are some key questions about the health credentials. 'We got bored and wanted to go on a trip':Tales from a pandemic spring break in Cancun, Mexico White House:Vaccine passports should be free, private and secure. But who will be issuing them? What is a vaccine passport? It is documentation that shows a traveler has been vaccinated against COVID-19 or re

Migrant children pushed through immigration court alone as activists scramble to provide legal help

  Roberto Reyes-Perez visits virtually with migrant children housed in federal shelters hour after hour, day after day, explaining their rights in the U.S. immigration system and hearing their stories of gang violence in their home countries or harrowing journeys to reach the U.S.-Mexican border.  "It does not stop," he said. "It's ongoing, every day, every week." Reyes-Perez, a staff attorney for the South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Project, or ProBAR, a Harlingen, Texas-based legal advocacy group, is on the front line of efforts to ensure migrant  children flooding the border  receive legal advice and are better equipped to navigate the U.S. immigration system. For every migrant minor he advises, several others in federal custody go without any legal counsel, advocates and attorneys said. The children, some as young as 3 years old, are expected to explain why they seek asylum.  In recent weeks, federal officials have faced a steady rise in the number of migrants ar

Louisiana Primary Election Results 2021

  The race to succeed the White House adviser Cedric Richmond in the Second Congressional District has been dominated by two New Orleans state senators, Karen Carter Peterson and Troy Carter. In the Fifth District, Julia Letlow is the heavy favorite to claim the seat to which her husband, Luke Letlow, was elected in November before he died of the coronavirus. Both races could be headed for runoffs if no candidate garners 50 percent of the vote. See full results from the  Louisiana general election  in November.


Hello fab ones, it's your favourite stop for everything fashion, style, luxury, business and lifestyle. Last week Friday was all fun, buzz and glamour with the Premiere of the second part of the Famous Coming To America released June 29th 1988, 33 years ago, fans had been waiting in anticipation for the sequel as well as wondered how the current story-line would fit into, and as a continuation considering the time gap.  I think the writers were smart to continue the focus on family whilst taking the comedy up a notch to create a fun experience for its audience.  In addition we get to see and understand a little better, the life and culture of the people of Zamunda, their upbringing as seen through Prince Hakeem's Children. As well as the passing of tradition from the old to the younger generation!  The best part of this sequel no doubt is the celebration of rich african fashion as can be seen from the outfits worn by the stars in the movie. Every look curated by renowned costum