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Africa is full of creativity, just look around and you'll notice instantly it is not what our designers are lacking, instead of its more about learning new techniques and implementing strategies that are business fueled to increase the voice for their brand positioning. It is not enough to have a passion for creativity, we must possess an all-round knowledge of Business development and management.  As a fashion consultant and style insider its part of my drive to include a social change, helping brand owners develop stronger ties to their consumers and this starts with a recognizable brand identity. The need to differentiate your brand is necessary but the tools to create the change are uniquely embedded in your creativity. It gives me great pleasure to curate an ebook that speaks to the root of what is necessary and beyond that how to apply it for impact. This webinar and ebook will give an in-depth analysis and explanation of fashion brand development and management. The ebook ha


Good morning everyone, a while ago, we established that, just like every other craft, fashion is a business that requires a plethora of things to be successful, one of which is an effective retail strategy. In order to grow your brand and be successful, it is imperative to have a strategy. A strategy is your plan of action. If developed right, your strategy will improve customer retention, and help you save time and money and make your team cohesive. They are various ways to build a retail strategy, One is to take into account the type of consumers you want to cater to. First are the Patricians: These are significantly Elite people with a low need for status, very quiet signals and specific details appeal to them. These types of people will purchase luxury because they have an understanding of luxury and are fascinated by the process. Another set of consumers are the Parvenus, these set of people are social climbers who rise to a higher social class through the acquisition of wealth. T


We cannot overemphasize the fact that fashion is a business that requires a precise strategy for its success. In running a business, many factors come to play and we cannot neglect or downplay one for the other. One of the vital factors responsible for the success of any business is "a strong brand identity" Brand identity is the visible element of a brand, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. I'd like to highlight a few things; Your brand identity is not the plan, it is the guide that keeps your brand together. It isn't your marketing or PR strategy, rather it is your connector to your consumer. It is not your selling point, however, it's ethos is targeted at that ideal customer.  Your retail brand identity should work for you by: Clearly communicating the in-house mission and how it ties into your vision. It should communicate to your potential client, who you are. It should connect your story to your collection range and sales. It is