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Real Or Digital Fashion: A Lasting or Passing Trend? PT 2

  Some time ago, we started a conversation on Digitalization in fashion...and we established that Digitalization would have a starring role in fashion's future, this is no longer far fetched.  At present, 85 percent of fashion professionals now work from home and this new working culture relies on digital platforms for effectiveness. From instant messaging and emails to video calls, and with a doubled increase in slack users as well as an increase in Zoom shares, we have seen digital platforms being utilized as virtual workspaces. As a result of the pandemic, we have seen brands relying less on influencer strategy, Fashion brands are now making use of the best thing they can think of; Social Media, aside from being cheap, this method ensures that marketing and merchandising will be direct.  Most recent is the announcement by The British Fashion Council that the next London Fashion Week will be a digital event combining men's and women's wear. BFC chief executive Caroline Ru


As the world continues to combat and adjust with the spread of the COVID-9 pandemic, we believe dressing up can help influence your mood whether by just staying home or having virtual meetings. It can be tempting to fall into a uniform of sweatpants and pajamas while working from home all day but while there is something to be said about relaxing your style when you don't need to adhere to an office dress code, it also feels good to dress up to maintain a sense of normalcy. To help navigate you achieve that sense of normalcy, below are five outlined dress-up tips to inspire productivity. Dress for your mood: The act of dressing up each morning into how you feel can help you feel more put together for the day. And figuring out your ideal work from style is all about balance and establishing a regular routine. Dress for comfort : Naturally, we all love to feel comfortable, and opting for looks that combine fashion with function can help set the tone for the day. A business-casual lo


In fashion trends come and go, this means that trends may either be lasting or passing. A trend can rise above others and be elevated to staple/social status.  For a trend to become social, it means it has become so relevant not only for the socialites or influencers but to the masses. A social trend is something that we didn't think would last but eventually became widely liked and did not fade away.  Below are Vanestyle's Select of Fashion Trends that have staples. The Boyfriend Jeans Easy to dress up or down, boyfriend jeans are a worthy match for your favorite tops and shoes. Choose from classic high-waisted styles in baggy silhouettes for that casual T-shirt and denim combo, or switch things up with distressed finishes and ripped knees to keep it relaxed and laid back. Fanny Packs Get to where you're going with the style and function of a fanny pack. Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling, Fanny Packs are a great accessory for when you only need to


From our previous post on Fun Fashion Ideas for the isolation period, here is 'IDEA TWO' Wardrobes are notoriously difficult to keep organized and can prove to be a headache. However, with the right tips and practice, you can have a visually appealing wardrobe in no time. So, in the spirit of keeping busy during the 'stay at home' period; We have decided to share with you three well thought out ways to arrange your wardrobe. These methods require minimal effort and have proven to be very efficient... Put your black and white clothes in a section and place your other clothes in another. Section your clothes in prints and patterns. Start with muted patterns followed by bright patterns, or place your stripes and checks first followed by floral prints then your glamorous animal prints.  Section your clothes into hues. Start from the lightest colors all the way to the darkest colors.  PS... If necessary, you can purchase organizational tools such as wall hooks and dividers t


We have found ourselves self-isolated due to the COVID-19 chaos and, although a couple of weeks indoors sounds dreamy, the boredom is bound to set in pretty quick.  From Virtual meetings, exercises & family bonding; Vanestyle will be sharing with you fun fashion ideas to keep yourselves busy with during this isolation period.  Our first fun fashion idea is…. WARDROBE DETOXING Exciting, isn’t it? We all have our wardrobe filled with different types of outfits, whether they were gifted to us, we shopped at some point based on trend or shopped on passing, saying to ourselves "Oh, it'll come in handy”, but most of these outfits are not worthy enough to remain in our wardrobes. This is the perfect time to rid our wardrobes of things we no longer need. You may be wondering, ‘how do I know what I do not need in my wardrobe?’ ‘But I like all my clothes’, ‘why do I need to detox? You need to detox because you have too many things in your wardrobe that shouldn’t be in there and this