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Contemporary Ways To Wear Khaki !

Fall is always a good time to break out all the cool tones you can't explore in warmer seasons. Tones such as olive green, camel-skin, and cream colours, are usually considered as khaki. A  lot of women shy away from this colour and texture because they are usually reserved for military wear. However, designers have increased the functionality of such tones by expanding into military-inspired garments (utilitarian pieces). khakis are a fresh take to your wardrobe, especially for the holiday season. They flatter any silhouette and body shape, as warm hues in this range will show off your figure more, while cooler tones, will conceal. Jessica Alba Here's How You Wear Khakis Now : Khaki Pants For pants, instead of donning on the regular jeans or slacks, channel your inner style into something more relaxing and elegant like khaki pants. The rich colour and texture will lend the perfect structure to your ensembles. Khaki Skirt This is the perfect piece to wear if you are going for a