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Get More From Your Blazers!

Did you notice how blazers are fast becoming an essential outerwear for a premium style? Yes …Blazers are no longer considered to be those boring pieces you throw on when its time to head out to work.  They are now a modern staple for a stylish wardrobe. From sharp and tailored to softer and feminine cuts, a blazer will elevate any outfit to fool proof chic! So, don’t be quick to push your blazer aside. We guarantee you, after we are done giving you tips on styling your blazer, you would see this wardrobe staple in an entirely new light.   Fresh & Formal Yes, we know blazers are the instant thought that comes to mind for work or more formal occasions. However, you can refresh your 9-5 looks by pairing blazers with versatile structures and colours with your work wear. Pair it with pieces like print palazzo pants and that would quickly freshen up a dull look. If you want to achieve a softer look, you could pair a sleeveless blazer with culottes. But if you generally want to be at you

Vanestyle's Tips For A Proper Wardrobe Arrangement

It is important to be able to effectively manage your wardrobe space in order for it to serve you optimally. Let us look at some of the tips that are helpful. 1. It is better to fold all knit items to prevent hanger bumps. This includes sweaters, T-shirts and some blouses. This just suggests that clothes that are knitted and have loose knit holes should not be kept in hangers because chances are the hangers might ruin them e.g the hanger gets stuck in one of the holes. Oh no!!!  2. Garments that have sequins, embellishments and appliqués are best protected in your wardrobe by putting them in a garment bag, that way it makes them dust free and helps prevent tangling or loosing of the appliqués and beading. 3. Occasional items such as evening gowns, wedding dress, maternity dress, coats should be kept in a different section of a compartmentalized wardrobe and can easily be hand-picked when needed.   4. Frequent items I.e items that fit, items that go with other items and that you wear of

RETAIL MASTER CLASS- The Business Issue With Veronica Odeka

I have worked in the fashion retail sector in Nigeria for 10 years now both with brands and consumers (especially HNI's) I have helped increase the brand awareness and sales of brands I work with by over 60%. I have come to understand that the development of a strong brand starts with you the designer. My Master class will focus on the following; 1. Aesthetic -Understanding your aesthetic will help you communicate a stronger brand story and strengthen your value. I will take you through the steps to develop or strengthen your Aesthetic. 2. Sales - If your brand is underdeveloped or underperforming my masterclass will focus on your merchandising to identify the problem areas and create specifics to increase your brand sales. 3. Communication - This is all about capturing the target customer through brand storytelling, You will leave the class understanding who your customer is and how to create an experience for them that goes beyond sales. To Register, Send  a message to info@vane-