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Attracting the Right Audience to your Retail Fashion Brand

First and foremost, what you should know is that Your Customer is your boss- The customer is King so it is important to attract the right audience. Attracting the right audience starts with you- You have to know what your brand is about. Once you identify what your brand is about, make sure you communicate that identity properly, so your consumers can identify with the personality behind the brand, one way to do this is to be authentic with your aesthetic and be consistent in the way you communicate your brand's ethos.  A friendly strategy to attract your customers is to tell your brand's story, do this by informing, educating or inspiring your audience. This is necessary because people want to know that your brand speaks to them, that they can relate with your brand. You should properly utilize hashtags and SEOs (Search engine optimization) because they work in attracting the right audience. Pay attention to your analytics to have an insight into the lives of your consumers. E